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Sonic The Hedgehog. The Rebirth?

Ahh Sonic my old friend. We used to have fun together, before your friends joined the party, before you switched to 3D & definitely before guns became part of the party tricks (the less said about Shadow the Hedgehog the better).Sonic the Hedgehog
But it looks like my old friend is set to pay me a visit in the not too distant future. Sonic Team looks to have finally returned to what made Sonic 1 & 2 so damn great: the speed!!!

A lot of people say Sonic and 3D simply doesn’t & won’t work (the only decent 3D sonic game was Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast), well Sonic Team are planning on proving those people wrong. has a preview of next-gen Sonic & it’s sounding pretty damn good:

As for what is included, Sonic Team has taken the overworld and exploration stages found in Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) and is integrating them with what are called Action stages meant to exemplify what it means to equate the pure Sonic experience with speed. Foes frantically shoot, bounce, dive, swing, etc…to stop you from running through speed-boost-laden tracks that often times call for you to rapidly switch from running across the floor, ceiling, and figurative walls of each course. During the demo we observed, Sonic made his way through a water course. Best described as a scene of controlled chaos, speed boosts were everywhere and much of the landscape was riddled with precariously placed ledges and platforms arrayed across all four directions. After witnessing Sonic’s arms cocked in their traditionally extended formation, coins and turbo boosts whistling by at blistering speeds, and graphical effects reminiscent of Burnout, for the first time since Sonic has lived in 3D does it appear that that the two can co-exist and flourish.

So it has the speed but what about fans of exploration…..

That’s not to take anything away from the exploration stages, however. In fact, these stages that offer a more traditional style of platforming are poised to be equally engaging. Players can either search the environments high and low for secret items, or they can tackle the stages with a goal-directed effort that has them taking on foes with a combo-friendly aerial charge whilst navigating through obstacles that leave no time for rest and contemplation.

This is what made Sonic what it was back in the day. Pure crazy speed, surviving on instincts & reactions alone. Not switching between characters to negotiate obstacles & interrupting the flow of the game. – Sonic the Hedgehog Preview – Sonic the Hedgehog Screens

IGN – TGS 2005 Sonic Footage