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Turok. The Interview

Turok on the N64 is hailed as a classic in some quarters. I wouldn’t know because I haven’t played it but one thing I do know about the Turok series is that Turok Evolution on PS2 stunk like a pirate who hasn’t washed in 2 years & survived on a diet of beans, cabbage & more beans.

Well Buena Vista and Propaganda Games aims to reinvigorate the Turok name with it’s next-gen incarnation of Turok. IGN had a little chat with Propaganda Games Vice President and General Manager Josh Holmes:

IGN: Can you give us an example of a typical scenario?

Holmes: In the demo that we’ll be showing at E3, there’s a section where you’re sneaking through the jungle and you can hear enemies up ahead. From there you have the decision to open fire and go “guns blazing?” or do you use stealth and sneak up on them to keep enemies up ahead from knowing you’re around?

We’ve also incorporated creatures into the game in an interesting way. The bulk of Turok is “human vs. human,” but we use the environments and dinosaurs as wild cards for any given situation. You enemy can become a weapon, as an example. In our demo, we’ll show off how you can take a tremendous foe like a T-Rex and use it against your enemies. This is the way it is in the whole game — finding ways to manipulate creatures strategically to gain the upper hand.

IGN: That’s good to know that they aren’t scripted and aren’t background noise, but what exactly will they do in general? Do they have specialized behaviors? Do you ever go dinosaur hunting?

Holmes: Well the game is about the conflict between you and your enemies on this genetically-altered planet where you’ve crash-landed, so the dinosaurs are just neutral players. They’re something that complicates situations. In a fire fight, for instance, you could be blasting it out with an enemy force and all of a sudden a dinosaur shows up and throws chaos into the situation.

As far as dinosaur behavior goes, we have modeled each of them with their own instinctual behavior. They may go after some enemies for food, and others may go after other dinosaurs for food, so there some things that will be going on there. They’ll attack humans, each other, you name it.

IGN – Turok Interview In Full

I’m a little concerned about the amount of FPSers that seem to be coming to PS3. I’m not the biggest fan of the genre so I’m hoping this isn’t the sign of things to come.