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New Poll: Mercenaries 2 on PS2 or PS3?

I had a very heated debate today with a friend from work & it all began after I told him about Mercenaries 2. His point of view is that they should do Mercenaries 2 on PS2 using the game engine from the original Mercs. His reasoning is that it would give people who haven’t got a PS3 the chance to play Mercs 2.

My view is that they can’t do a PS2 version of Mercs 2 as it is being built from top to bottom with next-gen hardware in mind. So if they did do Mercs 2 on PS2 using the original Mercs 1 engine but with the story from Mercs 2 then you would be basically paying £30 for the same game as the original Mercenaries but with a different story.

I say NO!! The point of a sequel is to improve on the original by adding new gameplay elements, improved graphics etc yet Pandemic has said they couldn’t do anymore with Mercenaries on PS2. My friend says it’s for the people who won’t have a PS3 & it gives them the chance to play Mercs 2. He say’s people deserve a choice. Well I say if they haven’t got a PS3 and they really want to play the game then they have two choices, get a PS3 or do without.

So should Pandemic do Mercenaries 2 for PS3 AND PS2, wasting man hours & development time on hard-wear which has reached it’s potential or should they create the game that they want to create using the superior power of the PS3 hard-wear?

* Mercenaries 2 on PS3

* Mercenaries 2 on PS2

* Mercenaries 2 on PS2 & PS3

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Total Votes : 186