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The Club

When a game is announced with a name like “The Club” you just know it won’t be about a book club where each member takes turns to read passages from their favourite book & have an open-ended discussion about said book.

Well sorry to disappoint you but The Club isn’t about a book club, it’s about an illegal underground organization where you fight to the death in front of people who find that sort of thing a turn on. The sickos!!

According to the official SEGA website, the gameplay will be unlike anything we have ever experienced before in a 3rd person action shooter:

With The Club, Bizarre Creations will redefine and refresh the mechanics of third-person action shooters, just as they have shaken up the racing genre. The Club focuses on addictive and rewarding gameplay that tests your skills to the limit and offers a relentless pace never before seen within the genre. Offering frantic, fast-paced gameplay with a unique style, tone and a storyline that drips with energy, attitude and anarchy, The Club will be a genuine showcase for the capabilities of next-gen platforms by maximising the graphical and audio technology available to produce a gameplay experience that is second to none. The game focuses on challenging gameplay that tests your skills to the maximum and leaves you – and the rest of the world – in no doubt about how good you really are.

Hmm that “rest of the world” bit near the end makes me think it will involve online play in a massive way. It could involve you “fighting” against another human controlled opponent via online & the winner stays on. Or maybe not because that would be too complicated for it to work.

Well your guess is as good as mine….

SEGA – Bizarre Creation’s The Club