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Final Fantasy XIII Confirmed For PS3!!

OMG!! It was true after all!!!!

Final Fantasy XIII was unveiled at Square Enix’s press conference & they showed a trailer for it:

At Square Enix’s press conference at E3 in Los Angeles, the company officially announced Final Fantasy XIII for the PlayStation 3. Square Enix then proceeded to show a trailer from the game, in which a female protagonist is seen flying around a city. The game is being created by the same team behind Final Fantasy X. The game runs on the “White Engine” and was originally planned for the PlayStation 2 but was later moved to the PS3.

I was following the live feed at Gamespot & I was hoping for a FFVII remake announcement but….

Aww the press conference is finished & there was no mention of FFVII remake. God I nearly had a heart attack following that. It was taking ages to update & I couldn’t bare the tension of not knowing what was coming next! 😮

Gamespot – Square Enix Press Conference


EDIT: SPONG has images up of FFXIII: SPONG – FFXIII Images