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Next-Gen Graphics

IGN has an interesting article about how graphics are progressing with the next-generation consoles. Of course graphics are getting better. Programmers can use more than one high-end effect like motion blur and high dynamic range lighting at the same time. Of course normal mapping, texture mapping, light mapping, etc, all use maps. And here’ s the interesting thing that David King, a freelance modeler said about that: “Normal mapping, light mapping, dynamic cubic reflection mapping, depth mapping, it’s all maps. Strangely, texture memory isn’t expanding fast enough to deliver on the consoles.” Hmmmm… So maybe Sony and Microsoft should have more than 512MB of memory on their consoles? I’ve said before that one way that Sony could beat Microsoft this round is to increase the RAM on their machine, and it looks like my position is vindicated!

IGN’s article is actually three pages long, and is chock full of interesting stuff. Like this one:

“I was personally hoping for cloth, hair, facial expression with wrinkle maps, character light [that stays on your character], larger animation set, bigger texture space, and more bones,” says Proce. “We’ve got most of these things working in our engine. We were fortunate enough to have the Unreal engine as a base and it is powerful!”

It seems like being first on the block isn’t a deterrent to the Unreal engine. The article also touches on Euphoria, software for human body movement that will give new realism to next-gen video games. LucasArts has said they’ll use it in their upcoming Indiana Jones game.

I’m really looking forward to seeing where all this technology will bring us. And in HD to boot!

IGN: How Good Can Graphics Get in the Next Generation?