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Sony E3 2006 Press Conference

In case you missed it, here’s what happened at the Sony E3 press conference today.

First off, it started really late. I’m in Ottawa, so it was supposed to start at 7pm local time, but it’s 7:45 and it hasn’t started yet.

7:55: It’s finally started, and Kaz Hirai, President & CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, starts things off. Briefly he mentions the PS3 but then gets into a review of the PS2. Here’s an interesting fact. PS2 total software units sold in North America is 477 million, while in Japan/Asia it is 204 million. I didn’t know the difference was that big.

7:57 Sony promises to support the PS2, both hardware and software, for “many many years to come.”

8:01 Sony gives a video montage of upcoming software for the PSP. They also show some street scenes of people talking into the thing. Killzone for the PSP looks like it might be interesting.

8:08 Finally they start talking about the PS3. They put up a slide that confirms the HDD is “preinstalled”. Mr. Hirai says that the HDD is removable.

8:13 34% of PlayStation users have an HDTV.

8:13 Every PS3 will ship with a HDD.

8:15 Sony will make playable PS3 games available to E3 attendees!

Phil Harrison of SCEA takes the stage.

8:18 A Gran Turismo HD technology demonstration on PS3 is first up, by the Gran Turismo father. The demo will be in 1080p/60! I can’t wait to see it…

8:21 The demo looks really impressive, but looks to be using an after-race camera. It doesn’t look like he is really racing the game. But it’s all obviously in-game footage, and it looks great.

8:23 Load times are HDD optimized, so are very fast. The visuals are very nice. Almost like being there. It was fun to watch the crowds in the Grand Canyon track, though the lack of dust behind the cars was disconcerting.

8:31 This is just a technology demonstration, and the final game will look even better. Better yet, it’ll be network-enabled. They want to release the next GT not too long after the launch of the PS3.

8:33 A cool EyeToy demonstration where you can place cards down on a table and monsters appear above them on the display. Hard to explain, but it was cool.

8:40 Mr. Hirai shows off the PS1 Ridge Racer playing on the PSP.

8:51 Phil shows off an F1 game playing on the PS3, with a PSP being used as a rear-view mirror!

8:53 Heavenly Sword, played realtime, looks really really good.

8:57 A video montage of pre-rendered scenes from upcoming games. Pretty boring.

9:08 The realtime gameplay of Resistance: Fall of Man looks quite good. Playable at E3!

9:14 A montage of 3rd part PS3 titles.

9:15 My feed goes down.

9:18 My feed comes back.

9:20 Technology demonstration from EA. They compare the PS2 and PS3. It’s quite a difference. They show athletes and their movements on the PS2 versus the PS3, and the realtime demonstration is quite impressive.

9:24 Realtime demo of a virtual Tiger Woods showing off his smile. Madden for PS3 will be playable at E3. EA has ten games in the works for the PS3.

9:28 Video of Final Fantasy XIII. Looks nice, but not realtime.

9:30 A video of MGS4. Something was said about this game running on the PS3, but it’s all obviously not in-game footage. MGS4 is coming in 2007.

Ken Kutaragi is about to reveal the PS3 controller!

It looks just like the PS2 controller, except silver. It has a motion sensor with 6 degrees of motion! Unfortunately the GameSpot video I’m watching doesn’t show the video demonstration, but just Phil moving the controller around.

9:40 Dylan Jobe demonstrates the controller being used on WarHawk. He’s quite impressed by the controller and what it can do.