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EA Sports Next-Gen Plans

IGN has a chat with Steve Chiang of EA Tiburon about the technology that will be used in EA Sports next-gen games such as Madden 2007. There’s a couple of interesting comments which I will promptly highlight:

IGN Sports: How is the development for PS3 different than what you went through with the 360?

Steve Chiang: Definitely different. The PS3 has an interesting and unique architecture and it’s very powerful. But it’s different, because it has some parallel processing that we’ve never seen before. Our guys are getting a kick out of pushing the hardware to its limits. The Xbox 360 is more like a traditional multi-processor PC. It’s more like what our guys are used to seeing. They are both great systems, and we’re really pleased where we’re taking our engines.

The PS3 is very powerful but the 360 is easier to develop for as it’s more familiar. Will this mean a time difference between the PS3 release & the 360 version:

IGN Sports: Have you had more time to develop Madden for PS3 than you had for the 360?

Steve Chiang: I think in the end, it will end up being around the same. They are both going to ship around the same time frame, just a year different. The difference between the PS3 and the Xbox 360 in terms of games, our goal is to have everything we have on both platforms, but since we have more development time for PS3 since the games will ship later, we will have more development time to create more stuff.

That’s not exactly clear but it seems we will have to wait a whole year for the PS3 version but to soften the blow the PS3 version will have “specific features” whatever that means.

IGN – EA Sports Lab Interview