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Star Wars On Next-Gen

IGN had a surprise after Lucasarts had finished showing them Indiana Jones & that surprise was a next-gen showing of Star Wars. Scheduled around 2007/2008 for release there’s a long way to go before this game will be playable but IGN seemed very impressed with what they saw & just like Indiana Jones, Star Wars is set to utilise Digital Molecular Matter (DMM):

Our favorite section of the entire demo, though, was easily the final pit stop. As we moved through the end of the museum and broke through a stained glass window, it was revealed that we were on the planet of Felucia — the same world where Aayla Secura (aka Hottie McBlue Boobs) was taken out near the end of Episode III. The amazing thing was that the world was recreated perfectly. Pollen swooshed through the air, flora swayed in the breeze and reacted to provocation, a star Destroyed flew through the sky, and little touches like glistening dew and other such effects made the world feel all the more real (at a very high resolution I might add). LucasArts even claimed that this world proves that LOD was a thing of the past — as it has incorporated real-time object smoothing as part of the engine.

I’ve never been a fan of the Star Wars films (sorry Henning) except for the 3 I saw as a kid, Episodes 4 & onwards, so this game will have to be pretty special to win me over.

IGN – Star Wars Exclusive