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Heavy Rain Video

No I’m not talking about a typical day in Seattle but Frasier didn’t seem to mind….

Back on topic. Heavy Rain is one of the games at Sony’s booth at E3 & it’s certainly impressed IGN with it’s realistic representation of emotions:

As the scene goes on, the actress’ demeanor gets much more somber, and a tad bit of hatred and possible jealousy begins to creep into her eyes. It’s rather amazing that these sorts of emotions are conveyed as well as they are. Soon she gets up and walks over to the sink, and as she turns around she has a revolver in her hand. As she talks, she puts the gun to her head. A few seconds later, she seems to rethink that and lowers it, seemingly speaking in a somewhat confused manner with a hint of disbelief. Again, though we couldn’t actually hear what she was saying, these subtleties come through simply from visuals alone.

EDIT:You can now watch the video of the “actress” in action & it’s really very impressive:

Gamevideos – Heavy Rain Video

Thanks Leo. 🙂

IGN – Heavy Rain