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MotorStorm Arrives With In-Game Footage

There has been a lot of rumours that MotorStorm wasn’t going to be at E3 ’06 but both GameSpot & IGN have played it at Sony’s booth & although it doesn’t match the visual style of it’s E3 ’05 showing (surprise surprise) it does play fantastically well:

The thing we noticed once we got in was that the game is incredibly fun to play and easy to get used to. The X button was used for acceleration, while the square button was used as a brake or to go in reverse. The L2 and R2 buttons could be used to look behind you or to the sides, which was necessary to avoid contact at high speeds or see who might be challenging you. The R1 button provided you with a nitro boost, which propelled you down the track at breakneck speed. There was one particular car that decided to single out my buggy and literally rammed me into a cliff wall three times, fully flipping my vehicle over and popping its wheels off.

Ooohhh revenge will be on the cards if a rival driver pulls that on me!! How cool does this sound:

The implementation of Havok for the physics really was impressive as other competitors took out fellow drivers — at one point, three drivers teamed up to drive the big rig into concrete barriers, at which point it exploded into a shower of sparks and car parts. Even the rogue wheels of this truck sank into some of the ruts of the dirt where previous cars had driven before firmly coming to rest in the mud. Even better were some of the celebrations and curses that were hurled at cars. Some drivers flipped off other racers, while some shook their fist. One guy on an ATV grabbed his crotch as he taunted a wreck that he passed. Obviously not one for the kids, but a lot of amusement for the adults.

😆 That really does sound great!

You can choose from 35 different vehicles from 7 different classes such as dirt bikes, ATVs, buggies, big rigs 😮 & other vehicles. There’s only 12 tracks but each has multiple routes & don’t bet against extra tracks & vehicles being available via download.

One other very cool feature of the game is the option to take any CD from your collection & put it into your PS3, and the game will then “live-ify” the CD, “making any music sound as if it’s being performed on a main-stage at a concert.”

That’s the kind of thing I want to be able to do with my PS3 & I hope more games offer that type of feature.

EDIT: You can watch genuine in-game footage of MotorStorm from E3 just click the link:

JeuxFrance – MotorStorm In-game Footage

IGN – MotorStorm Arrives