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Resistance: Fall of Man A Launch Game? interviewed Michael Stout, Lead Designer of Resistance: Fall of Man, at E3 & he revealed that he expects it to be out alongside the PS3 at launch:

Anthony Hanses: I’m here with Michael Stout. He is one of two lead designers on Resistance: Fall of Man coming to the Playstation 3… is it coming this year?

Michael Stout: Yes, we’re expecting that it’ll be a launch title.

So there you have it. Not confirmed by Sony but it looks like it will be a launch title & it’s a game that I would probably get if I got a PS3 at launch.

One other comment that I found interesting from the interview is this:

One of the cool things that you can see in this demo, is where we have this little spider like enemy called a Leeper, which jumps onto the back of one of your allies, and if you’re not quick and you don’t shoot him off his back, he’s gonna stab him, and you’re not gonna have that ally anymore for the rest of the thing. On previous generations you might have seen this, but it would have taken place in a cinematic, or scripted sequence, but in Resistance: Fall of Man, because of our technology and because of the PlayStation 3, we can do this anywhere. We can do this real time, and we can do this, just– whenever the A.I. deems it’s appropriate.

Hmm so if you don’t have your wits about you & you fail to save your allies you will pay the price for the rest of the game. Could be interesting & add a bit of extra tension to the gameplay. – Resistance Set For PS3 Launch

Resistance: Fall Of Man High Def Video