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Shooting Down some Rumours

Just in case, just in case.

You may have heard rumours floating around the net. (I know, what a new concept!) Rumours about the “fact” that the lower-end PS3 won’t be HDD upgradable and that it won’t have Bluetooth. Well to put your mind at ease, those rumours are rubish! The official spec sheets from Sony say that all PS3’s will have Bluetooth, and recent interviews with Sony personnel have also confirmed that both PS3’s hard drives will be replaceable.

Rumours: be gone!

So that leaves your low-end PS3 with a smaller HDD, no HDMI output, no WiFi (unless you buy an external adapter, like the 360), and no card reader (unless you get an external one).

Joystiq – Clearing up some PS3 confusion


  1. But one question I DO still have bout this…

    Will the Bluetooth adapter support lan? This would be a great, let’s say, substitute for those unlucky to have the money to buy a premium PS3…

  2. I don’t think that Bluetooth is meant for computer networking…

  3. Gary

    It’s normally used for file sharing & stuff like that. Putting pics & music songs from your mobile to PC or vice versa & sending ring-tones & pics from mobile to mobile or erm cell phone to cell phone…..

  4. Inspectre

    You’ll need to buy an external one instead and plug it in. At least that way you won’t be missing it permanently.

  5. ferocious

    Any info about Playstation 3 for Linux?

  6. My longest running thread is on Linux for the PS3. There’s been a couple posts in the last few days as well:

  7. Let’s clear things up a bit…

    Bluetooth CAN be used like a standard networking device (just like wifi or “real” lan), so, did or will Sony implement a REAL Bluetooth stack (the hardware doesnt matter in any way here, because the stack does the real work here), where i can use it as a networking device, with my mx900 bt mouse, handsfree device for my mobile and whatnot…

    I fear Sony will CRIPPLE it like the wifi with the psp (no files access via wifi, only some games support infrastucture mode (unless used with xlink kai)…

    I have seen it all… I just hope that Sony gets its minds up to todays levels and lets homebrew be run on a ps3… THAT would be a killerfeature AND deathblow to MS!!

  8. Isn’t Bluetooth like 3Mbps or something? That’s not very fast for web browsing.

    See the Linux thread for a link about Linux homebrew.

  9. BT (w/o) EDR is 786kbits, which should be virutally enough for webbrowsing and so on (i mean, my Internetconnection is 2048max and the PS3 HAS EDR)… As i said, as a probable substitude it would be enough 😀