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Sony Japan Talks PS3

PS3IGN has a summary of an interview IT Media did with Izumi Kawanishi, head of Sony Computer Enteratinment’s Software Platform Development division. Unlike some other interviews floating around recently, this one is actually interesting.

There have been rumours going around that the 20GB version doesn’t allow its HDD to be swapped out. Mr. Kawanishi firmly put that to rest by pointing out that if anyone isn’t happy with the 20GB capacity, they can just swap it out for a larger hard drive. I assume this means that all the software that needs to be on the HDD is included on a BD disc so that the new HDD can be useful.

Now that the second HDMI port has been dropped, you might be wondering if the PS3 can still drive two displays – one using the HDMI port and the other using the multi-out port. Sadly, the answer to that is “no”.

There’s some background information about the controller as well:

As announced at Sony’s pre-E3 press conference, the final controller has a sensor that can detect angle of tilt along the XYZ axes as well as acceleration along the axes. The precision of the sensors, Kawanishi explained to IT Media, is what caused Sony to remove the rumbling functionality (the questioner didn’t ask about Sony’s recent patent troubles over the vibration in the Dual Shock 2).

Kawanishi was asked about the timing of the decision to include motion sensor technology in the controller. Asked if the motion sensor was considered for inclusion at the start of the controller’s development, he responded that Sony actually wanted to add the sensors long ago, but had to wait for the technology to progress. Responding “Not at all” to the possibility of Sony having been “inspired” by Nintendo’s Wii controller, he noted that Sony had actually wanted to use the motion sensor technology in the PSP.

So Sony’s been thinking about adding motion sensitivity to their controllers for a long time, and I don’t have any reason not to believe him. Not only that, but that new button between the Start and Select buttons will behave much like the one on the 360. It will let you turn on the PS3 and also make the PS3 recognize the controller.

We’ve seen that the PS3 will have a crossbar interface like that of the PSP. The PS3 will come standard with a web browser, as well as the ability to play back music.

And finally one last thing: the power supply? It’s built into the PS3. No big brick for us PS3 owners. Rather, we just get a large PS3!

IGN – Sony Japan Talks PS3