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PS3 Controller Patented in 1999

PS3 ControllerNow here’s an interesting thread over at PS3 Forums.

It looks like Sony took out a patent on the technology used for the PS3 controller seven years ago! Here’s a snippet:

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To instruct an operation by the movement of a small controller that is close to the movement of a character by making the controller movable, detecting its movement and outputting a signal, and switch-recognizing the direction of the movement on the basis of the outputted signal.

SOLUTION: The controller detects an angular speed by a detection section provided in a connecting section that connects the right and left operating sections of a controller unit 82. For example, rotation in the direction of rolling in relation to the right and left operating buttons 55, 56 of the left operating section is detected as an angular speed in the direction of rotation in the XY plane by the detection section 70 with the Z axis as the central axis. The detection section 70 is comprised of a movement detection section 71 made up of an angular speed sensor 72 and an amplifier 73, and a direction detection section 74 made up of movement direction recognition switches 79, 80. Therefore, movement can be instructed by the movement of the controller without operating the operating buttons 55, 56, etc.

The PS3 Forum post includes that, plus actual diagrams of the controller.

So when Sony says they’ve been working on this for a long time, maybe we should believe them! Sorry if it sounds like I’m obsessing over the controller with all these posts. I just like Sony’s new design! I have the trigger buttons I always wanted. I have wireless, which I know from experience is awesome. And I have this cool new motion sensing feature! You can’t get me down about this thing.

PS3 Forums – PS3 controller patented in 1999