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New FFXIII Info And Images

FFXIIIIGN has some new info about Final Fantasy XIII which features in the new issue of Famitsu magazine.

The first interesting news is the fact that the trailer that was shown at Square Enix’s pre-E3 press conference did contain real time footage:

Based on the Famitsu report, the battle sequences and the scene of the main character walking through a detailed forest are all real time.

Ohh man I knew it!! The visual quality of that trailer was fantastic & now I know what to expect when it’s finally launched.

Next up is some info on the battle system:

The standard Final Fantasy systems, including the ATB (Active Time Battle) system, will make an appearance, although it will be sped up over previous entries in the series. The battle system will also do some things with time and 3D space, although based off Kitase’s comments, this seems to be mostly for presentation, as suggested by the slow motion used in the trailer.

Now I’m a traditionalist in the sense that I like the ‘old’ FF battle system where you take turns to attack, although you can speed it up by using ATB, & I just haven’t been able to enjoy many modern day RPGs because of the switch to ‘real time’ battles which has been used in games like Dark Chronicle & Grandia 3. I think FFXII features the same type of battles aswell. I feel as though the switch to ‘real time’ battles has made RPGs lose something that distinguishes them as an RPG in the first place & has changed the feel of those games to a more melee style of combat that can be found in standard 3rd person perspective adventure games. I’m all for change & evolution but I like the traditional battle styles of ‘classic’ RPGs.

Don’t expect this game anytime soon though as “they’re only in the art and pre-production phase of development on the PS3 title”.

You can check out some fantastic looking high-res images that feature in issue 911 of Famitsu magazine by clicking the link below:

Magicbox – FFXIII High-res Images

And if you need a reminder of just how great the video of FFXIII looks then click me