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PS3 Online Gaming to be Free

Those Xbox 360 fanboys like to stir up trouble, don’t they? 🙂 This time, they spread rumours that the PS3 won’t come with free online play after all, after noting that Kaz Hirai did not explicitly mention this feature at the E3 keynote address. Does anybody remember what site first broke this “news” ? I’m pretty sure it was an Xbox site, I just forget which one. If not, I apologize in advance!

This morning, however, an Sony Computer Entertainment America PR Manager had this to say: “Please note that online gaming will be free right out of the box.” Online play is one of the features the free (Silver) Xbox Live service does not include, and so free online play on the PS3 may be one of the only features that differentiates Sony’s online service from Xbox Live. It’s important to note that certain Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games may still have some sort of fee.

This is totally in line with what was said at GDC about online gaming on the PS3. There was simply no news until some people decided to stir up trouble. I’m getting really tired of this. – Confirmed: PS3 online gaming to be free