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60GB Version Only in Europe?

Here’s a rumour that’s been making the rounds. I’ve been ignoring it up until now because it seemed to be mostly conjecture. But now I see that a Sony official is making remarks in this area so it may be true after all. Will Sony only sell the 60GB HDD version of the PS3 in Europe? Or maybe just in Great Britain?

Although the PS3 is due a simultaneous worldwide launch in November, it seems that Europe may not get the cut down 20Gb model at all, and our home territory definitely won’t be getting that E3 announced pre-pay card for online gaming.

That’s the latest word from Sony Computer Entertainment boss Ray Maguire anyway, who, speaking exclusively to respected UK trade mag MCV revealed that the lower end PS3 may not even make an appearance over in these here parts.

“The lower-end 20Gb version of PlayStation 3 has no wi-fi, no HDMI and none of the other slots in it, so it’s really a question of where we would position it. It’s more likely that we will only launch the 60Gb version,” opined Maguire.”

I wouldn’t personally but the 20GB version anyway, so it would make no difference to me in my territory. But what about all you European folks that this may affect? Were you planning on buying the 20GB version? Is this a disappointment? Or does it really matter, in the end?

News: Sony plot 60 Gb-only PS3 for UK and Europe