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Heavenly Sword Developers Say “Let’s Get On With It”

Heavenly SwordWe’ve all heard certain developers moaning that the PS3 is too difficult to develop for & we even had THQ CEO Brian Farrell refuse to develop The Sopranos for the PS3 because, in his words, “It was too risky to do it”.

Well that’s not how Mike Ball of Ninja Theory, creators of the fantastic looking Heavenly Sword see things. Speaking in the latest issue of Edge magazine via NextGen.Biz:

“Some developers are frightened by new technology, and they’ll work on the simpler consoles or on mobile phones or Xbox Live Arcade games. Those are seen as a return to traditional gaming values and there will be some really nice stuff there.

“But there are others who are really embracing the next generation and saying ‘let’s get on with it’. Each generation change has brought its own challenges but in retrospect the changes you actually make are quite simple. I’m sure we’ll be sitting here in a couple of years looking back and saying ‘What was the panic all about?'”

If more developers embraced the new technology & viewed it as a challenge instead of moaning & running off to ‘easier’ hardwear (or should that be more $$$) the gaming world would be a brighter place.

Next-Gen.Biz – Interview: Heavenly Sword Developers