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What’s Important To You For The PS3 Launch?

There’s a great article on called “What Makes A Successful Launch” & it makes interesting reading with a lot of valid points.

We know that there will be some faulty consoles at launch it goes with the territory & the price has already been done to death. However the most important part of a consoles launch for me is games. If I’m willing to pay £400+ for a console then I expect some top quality games available alongside the console.

Games like Mercenaries 2, Gran Turismo, Heavenly Sword, Resistance, Call of Duty 3 & Tony Hawk’s Project 8 are exactly the type of games that would justify me buying a PS3 at launch. However only one of the aforementioned games has been ‘confirmed’ for launch (Resistance: Fall of Man).

If only one of those ‘heavy hitters’ fail to appear alongside the PS3 then I will see the PS3 launch as a failure because I’m a gamer. I want a PS3 to play games on it not to watch Blu-ray movies or go online with it.

However there is no doubt that the PS3 will sell out at launch so that to Sony will make the PS3 launch a success.

So my question to you guys/girls is: What to you makes a successful console launch? – What Makes A Great Launch