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Price Of The PS3 Irrelevant?

PS3UK retailers speaking on claim the PS3 price of £425 is irrelevant & they believe people won’t be able to walk into a shop & pick one up off the shelf during the first 6 months. Here’s some quotes to get your teeth into:

“Given the machine is likely to be a sell-out this side of Christmas, I think the price point is irrelevant for the first six months,” specialist retail chain CeX’ marketing manager Jonathan Cronin told “The launch frenzy will be there – this is the new PlayStation, not the new Xbox. Four million units globally before Christmas? I don’t think you’ll be able to buy one off the shelf.”

OK the PlayStation brand is strong & I would be surprised if people could just walk into a store & pick up a PS3.

Steve O’Brien, boss of leading independent retailer Action Replay, agrees. “With the amount of product coming into the UK I think Sony could have quite comfortably priced it at twice the price and still sell-out twice over,” he suggested. “In the first round of any console sales it’s the fanboys and hardcore gamers who buy it. I think the strength of the brand is key.”

Now hold on just a minute! I’d class myself as a ‘hardcore’ gamer but I haven’t got £950 to spend on a games console even before games & extra joypads etc & I doubt very few ‘fanboys’ & ‘hardcore gamers’ do either. Maybe things need to be put into perspective a little bit:

“Such high prices are a difficult thing to push at retail level especially with the continued problems of distribution, release dates, and product availability that have dogged UK product releases for some time,” insisted Steve Aspinall, owner of indie V-Ten Entertainment. “And that’s without the mass-discount culture convincing the consumer to wait a few months, and the uncanny shortage of convincing software for the platform, not to mention the continued implication that next gen gaming cannot take place without a next-gen television set.”

The last part is key for me. I don’t have any stats that tell me exactly how many HDTVs have been sold in Europe but I can guarantee you this: the people that have bought them will be in the minority. High-def is big in North America & East Asia but in Europe it hasn’t taken off yet. The people that have bought HDTVs fall into two categories: the people with disposable incomes that will use their HDTVs with Sky’s High-def digiboxes & Xbox 360 owners.

There is no other content available to use with a HDTV.

If you’re like me & you don’t own a HDTV but you want a PS3 then you will have to spend way over £1000 on a HDTV, PS3 & games, to experience next-gen gaming.

Now that’s a lot of money no matter which way you look at. For hardcore gamers with disposable incomes that’s not a problem, but for hardcore gamers like me who haven’t got disposable incomes then that just isn’t going to happen.

It’s looking more & more likely I’m going to have to wait until next year to get my hands on the PS3. Unless there are some major games available immediately at launch. Then the overall price can be justified.

What do you think? – UK Retailers Say PS3 Price is Irrelevant