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F1 ’06 Interview with Studio Liverpool has an interview with Studio Liverpool, developers of F1 ’06 on PS2, PS3 & PSP.

A ton of new info has been revealed & here are some of the highlights. All info is for PS2, PS3 & PSP unless stated:

* Driveable formation lap to heat up your tires.
* Safety car to appear in PS3 version.
* Penalties for intentional shortcutting.
* After race celebrations in PS3 version.
* Improved track accuracy.
* Fuel loads & worn tyres affect the way you enter & leave the pits.
* Jerez test track included as a bonus track.
* PS2 pushed to it’s limits with 22 cars running at 50HZ.
* Incredible level of detail in PS3 version.
* Improved physics & totally destructible cars with more realistic damage..
* More aggressive, quicker & varied AI.
* Visible AI’s hands turning on the steering wheel in PS3 version.
* Full commentary.
* 110% rule not included.
* Cross-platform network play between PS2 & PSP.
* Aiming for PS3 launch.
* Gamesync between PS3 & PSP. Race the qualifiers on PSP then load it on to your PS3, via memory stick, when you get home & continue with the race on PS3.
* Possible motion-sensor inclusion & L2 & R2 as brake & accelerate.

Settle down Henning!!! 😀

The interview makes entertaining reading as the questions are asked by hardcore F1 fans. – Interview With Studio Liverpool