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First PS3s to be Pal?

PS3David Reeves, CEO of Sony Europe, has reportedly told trade magazine MVC, via C&VG, that the first PS3s off the production line will be Pal:

“I hope we will be day and date with [the] US and I hope that we’ll get the same quantities as US as well. I don’t think we’ll be disadvantaged. In fact I believe the first PS3s being manufactured are being made for Europe – which is a first.”

I will be very surprised if Europe gets the same amount of units as the US. Even if we do however that won’t guarantee many available at launch:

“Between November 17th and December 31st we’ll hope to put them in as many European territories as we can, even if we have to place small seed quantities on day one.”

What exactly does that mean? Will ‘smaller’ European nations get small quantities initially compared to places like the UK, France, Germany etc or will the whole of Europe get equal billing with just a few on day 1?

C&VG – Pal PS3s First off the Production line

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