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PS3 Is Not A Toy

PS3 Worth The PriceI recently said that the PS3 price debate has been done to death well it seems as though the corpse is still twitching so I’m going to go all Resi Evil on it’s ass & splatter it’s brains all over Raccoon City!

Sony President Ken Kutaragi defended the PS3 price in the recent issue of Famitsu magazine saying:

“PlayStation and PlayStation 2 were both 10,000 yen more than their competitors at launch. Yet they both sold to shortages.”

“If you consider the PlayStation 3 a toy, then yes, it is an expensive toy. However, it is more than a toy. It is a PlayStation 3. And it is the only PlayStation 3. I hope that those who understand this will gladly purchase it.”

The PS3 is NOT a toy & anybody that views it as such will be better off spending their cash on the latest kiddy craze, whatever that may be.

You want a home entertainment system that plays PlayStation games (previous, current & next-gen), Blu-ray movies, CDs, internet access etc then you get a PS3. You get what you pay for people. The PS3 is the most technically advanced console & that reflects in the price. If you aren’t happy with the price don’t buy it. End of.

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