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PS3 & Your T.V.

It’s been a quiet PS3 news day today so I thought I’d ask all our readers a question.

If you get a PS3 at launch & you don’t currently have a HDTV, will you upgrade to a HDTV or will you continue to use your current SDTV with your PS3?

In my current predicament (not a lot of money & flat/apartment hunting) I really can’t afford to get a PS3 AND a HDTV at the same time so if Sony announce 3 or 4 AAA titles available at launch then that will probably convince me to get a PS3 straight away. I will then have to use my current 32″ 100hz wide-screen SDTV with my PS3.

We all aren’t like Henning & have 200″ HDTVs! 😉

Now I know that you need a HDTV to fully appreciate next-gen games but it just isn’t practical for me to get one at the moment. Ideally Sony won’t release many AAA titles at launch & that would give me the opportunity to wait until I purchase a PS3 meaning that I would also be able to afford a HDTV to go with it.

So what are you guys & girls (do we even have female readers!!) going to do?