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Phil Harrison Defends PS3 Joypad

Motion-sensing JoypadC&VG has translated an interview that SCEE’s Phil Harrison has done with Spiegel Online (maybe Segitz could give us a proper translation…).

In it he defends Sony’s use of motion-sensing when accused of copying the Wii’s control:

“We’ve been working on [motion-sensing technology] for a long time and Nintendo has certainly likewise already been working on something similar. The difference between our strategy and that of our competition is that our controller is still similar to the Dual Shock, the industry standard controller. I estimate that nearly 400 million Dual Shock controllers have been sold worldwide.”

Personally I don’t care if they have or if they haven’t copied Nintendo & I’m sick of Nintendo fanboys & Sony haters crying like little schoolgirls who’ve just had their hair pulled! Get over it. Take a look around you & tell me what you see that hasn’t been copied from a different company. Go on!

The Sony joypad will use motion-sensing so get over it. It doesn’t matter if it was a last minute inclusion or whether they’ve been working on it for a long time. It’s being used like it or not.

*Edit: Segitz has been kind enough to do a translation that can be clearly understood. You can read it in the comments.

You can read the full interview in a hilariously poor translation by clicking the link below:
Harrison’s Interview Translated In Full From Original Site

C&VG – Harrison Defends Motion-sensing