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Price of PS3 Games

This is a strange one. is saying that has recently published an article claiming that the price of two of SEGA’s PS3 games have been confirmed for Europe. Sonic The Hedgehog will cost €67 and World Snooker Championship will be €73. This converts to £45/$85 for Sonic & £50/$92 for World Snooker Championship (using Reuters currency converter).

There has been no official word from SEGA or Sony but, according to PS3Land, claims SEGA Europe has confirmed it.

It was recently revealed that Burnout Revenge & The Outfit for the 360 can be bought for $39.99 instead of $59.99 from Best Buy, Amazon, EB Games and GameStop online stores.

So my question to you is how much is too much?

For me personally I won’t pay more than £30 for new PS2 games & £20 for new PSP games & I can usually find new releases for that price either online or in shops. I will be willing to pay as much as £40 for new PS3 games initially but after a number of months I will be unwilling to pay as much unless it’s a AAA title.

If what is saying turns out to be true is $85 & $92 too much for a game considering not many games last more than 20hrs (except RPGs & sport titles). Do you sell your games on or trade them in for credit notes in-order to help fund your next purchase?

PS3Land – SEGA Europe Announces PS3 Game Prices – Budget 360 Titles