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Improvements I Want To See From Next-Gen Games

Here’s a question for everybody. What improvements do you want to see from next-gen games?

Incredible graphics?
More freedom?
Fantastical AI?
Realistic human portrayal in cut-scenes & better voice acting?
A great story?
Realistic commentary in sport games?
Realistic physics?

The easy answer would be all of them but I want you to be honest & tell me which is more important to you. Here’s what I would like to see in improvements:


Now I have to admit I’m a graphics man. If R* re-released San Andreas on the PS3 with no draw distance, no pop up, no body parts & camera disappearing through solid objects etc, then I would most likely buy it again. That’s if the only improvements were graphical. Sad I know.

I definitley want to see an end to draw distance, pop up & fogging that is used to hide the previous two. Objects that are meant to be solid need to stay solid. If games can’t improve on these areas then I’m going to be one annoyed gamer!

However improved graphics will only carry a game so far. The first 1 & 1/2 years (at most) of a consoles lifespan will probably get away with super improved graphics in most cases but unless a game introduces new gameplay elements AND plays, sounds, & looks better than it’s predecessors, people will soon get bored with it.

Artificial Intelligence.

AI needs to be taken to a whole new level so that NPC think & act like a human or PC. No more soldiers shooting into a wall when all they need to do is move a couple of paces to the right & target the enemy. No more standing in open areas just asking to be shot. Realistic reactions to danger & other hazards.

Indiana Jones seems to be moving in the right direction with it’s Euphoria technology. Let’s hope more games focus on improved AI aswell.


I want more freedom. I seriously hate invisible barriers! Especially when there isn’t even an object blocking my way. The developer has just decided I can’t go that way so have placed a super powerful invisible force-field that NO weapon, not even an atomic bomb can destroy!

I say let me go that way even if there’s nothing there. I just want the choice to go that way!!
Shadow of the Colossus was great for that. I could go practically anywhere & the only thing that stopped me was unclimbable cliffs or massive drops to my death. If you’re going to restrict my movements then at least put some effort into it & give me a logical reason why I can’t go past a certain point.

Realistic human portrayal.

Recent CGI has looked great but there are still issues with lip syncing. It really does spoil the effect a cut-scene has when the voice seems to be playing catch-up with the lips. They also need to make humans look more human, rather than cyborg replicas who seem to be doing a bad job of impersonating humans.

Heavy Rain’s “Actress” demo looked great but it suffered from lip-syncing problems & still didn’t look quite human although it was definitley an improvement over current gen offerings.


Story telling seems to be a real problem in the world of video games. How many times has an evil corporation tried to take over the world? How many times have we had to rescue the girl/princess? How many times have we played the role of a loner who’s family, friends, wife etc were killed & then set off for revenge? Too many times for my liking.

Games like Fahrenheit (well the 1st half of the game anyway) actually had some effort put into the story & broke away from the generic stories that I’ve been playing since my Commodore 64 days. Fahrenheit’s story really hooked me in & it was the first game that actually felt like you were playing a movie & controlling the story which changed as a result of your actions.

Just put a little more effort into the story please.


I hate the commentary in sport games. With a passion. Take football games (no not American Football, real football) like Pro Evolution Soccer. The greatest simulation of football bar none yet the commentary is shockingly poor every year. There’s no flow to the commentary & everything sounds mechanical. There is always a pause before the commentator says the name of the player you have just passed to or who has just scored a goal.

It should be instantaneous & seamless just like the real thing. Not mechanical & pre-programmed. I’m probably asking too much but I definitley want to see some form of improvement in next-gen sport games.

Realistic physics.

Once again Indiana Jones seems to be upping the ante in the realistic physics department with it’s DMM (Digital Molecular Matter) technology. This should mean that wood will buckle & splinter, ice & glass will crack & shatter and metal will bend & dent on receiving impact just like they would in real life. I think rag doll physics should stay in this gen as I think it’s been done to death it just doesn’t look or feel realistic to me. Euphoria should also help in this department. Maybe we can see bruises appearing, bones breaking, cuts opened up like in Fight Night but in all action games not just boxing.

Am I asking to much? I don’t think I am. The hardware & storage space is more than adequate for these improvements so bring it on developers. Bring it on!