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Price: Xbox 360 versus PS3 Jr. in Canada

PS3I was just leafing through a Best Buy flyer and noticed (again) that the price of the Xbox 360 here in Canada is $500Cdn. The price of the PS3 Jr here in Canada will be $550Cdn. That’s a $50 difference. They both have a 20GB HDD, both lack wireless networking out of the box, and both have wireless controllers. Neither have an HDMI port, with both requiring component video cables for HD use. **

About the only real difference, hardware-wise, is that the PS3 Jr will include a BD player, while the Xbox 360 uses a DVD player. So basically, for an extra $50, you get a high definition disc 360player thrown in. If you want to get the full-blown PS3 (for $660), you’ll pay an extra $160 over the price of an Xbox 360 for an extra 40GB in HDD space, the BD player, wireless, and an HDMI output. That’s a bargain!

My friend Todd has an Xbox 360 and sometimes he likes to poke fun at Sony and the high price of the PS3. But it occured to me today that in Canada, the difference in price isn’t as great as it is in the US. That’s because Sony’s price is more in line with the exchange rate than Microsoft’s price is.* So I don’t think that the Sony’s high price will be that much of an issue here.

* Subject to change.
** I am comparing the regular (non-Core) Xbox 360 to the 20GB PS3 Jr.