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PS3 Launch Titles Revealed?

I was checking out the PS3 section of, which is a U.K. online store, and it has 7 PS3 games that you can pre-order now at a cost of £49.99 each, with each game apparantley released November 17th which is when the PS3 itself is launched. Here are the games listed:

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas

Gran Turismo HD

Call Of Duty 3

Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2007


Fight Night Round 3

You can also pre-order the 60gb PS3 with 3 games (Formula One 06, Warhawk & Singstar) for £549.99. That’s a saving of £25 if you bought 3 games & the console separately. Not exactly great & how come Singstar is available alongside the console but not separately like the other games?

Online stores such as are usually cheaper than stores on the high street so will PS3 games be priced at £54.99 & higher? It would be a MASSIVE mistake if they are. Nobody would buy them at that price. I certainly wouldn’t regardless of what the game was. Yes even GTA IV.

There’s still no confirmation from Sony about the launch lineup but if those 7 games are available at launch that’s not too bad. I’m expecting Resistance: Fall of Man at launch aswell & I thought GT HD was still a long way from being finished?

Personally I won’t believe anything until Sony announces an official launch lineup. – 7 PS3 Games Available To Pre-order