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Sony’s Xbox Live Plagiarism?

According to Microsoft’s Chris Lewis, what Sony is doing with their online service for the PS3 amounts to plagiarism. It’s quite amazing that Mr. Lewis claims this, especially given that he also says that “I think the service is still hazy in my view in terms of how it’s really going to work for the consumer.” So Mr. Lewis is clarvoiyant enough to see past the fact that doesn’t know much about the service, to the “fact” that Sony is plagiarizing Microsoft’s work?

Yeah, right. This is absurd on two fronts:

1) Microsoft copies other people’s work all the time. They’re actually quite good at it, and if you’re into the software business at all, you know how infamous Microsoft has become for ripping off other people’s ideas. So this is just a little bit of the pot calling the kettle black.

2) Why don’t we just ignore the Xbox Live service from Microsoft for now, and pretend it didn’t exist. Where else could Sony have gone for inspiration for its online service? Hmmmm. Gosh, I can’t think of any way that Sony could have thunk up its online ideas. Not one. NOT!!!! How about their own internal research and development labs? Sony does have them, you know. And gosh, what about its own online service? Sony already has one! They have MMORP games too! Sony could get some ideas from there. And that opens up the whole world of PC gaming. It’s not like every PC user is disconnected from every other and that there’s no online gaming there. Sony has lots of places to look for inspiration for its online service, even if there were no Xbox Live. But to me personally, I don’t care if they take ideas from Xbox Live and use them. That’s what industry is all about – continual improvement.

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