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PS3 Backwards Compatibililty Rumour

Sony hasn’t been saying much about the PS3’s backwards compatibility, outside of saying that you’ll be able to play previous-generation PS2 games on it. Before today, all indications were that Sony would implement this through emulation. This is like what Microsoft is doing with the Xbox 360 and it’s backward compatibility. I’ve worked on WINE, which is a project to get Windows applications to run on Linux, so I know how hard it is to get emulators running well. So when I heard that Sony would be doing the emulation through software, I was a little disappointed. I was hoping that they’d do something similar to what they did with the PS2. A hardware solution.

Well, the latest rumour suggests that this might indeed be the case. Rumours, of course, but there it is. It looks like a PS2 chip might indeed make its way into the PS3. And not only that, if there are any problems like the slimline PS2 had, then that can be corrected with a download. This opens up another interesting avenue. That is that Sony can one day move to completely software emulated PS2, while having earlier PS3’s use the chip. Interesting days!

Gamasutra even contacted Sony about the rumour to get a statement. And all Sony basically said was “no comment”. So we’ll have to see.

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