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PS3 Hardware NOT Slow and Broken

I’ve learned my lesson. You know how it goes. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. So I’ve come to recognize the signs. A rumour pops out of the sky like a bird plop and lands at my feet. Everyone in the press goes ape over it, but I just sit back and wait. Ah…. there it is. The rebuttal. Sony’s reputation gets smeared around once again, and then you see hardly anyone mention the retraction.

So that’s why I wait for the retraction before I post these rumours, so that my loyal readers know that these rumours are false right off the get-go.

The latest rumour is about some really slow memory read speeds on the PS3. Seems like someone has been drinking a little too much from the out-of-context cup. And they came up with the fact that certain memory read speeds are really slow, crippling the performance of the PS3. But aha! The truth comes out. The memory read speed that the rumour was about was one which was hardly relevant to anything at all. To quote from Joystiq:

The misunderstanding evident in the linked story relates to the distinction between local video memory and local system memory. The slow read speed under discussion is indicative of the feature’s lack of utility. This is even reflected on the slide’s statement: “No, this isn’t a typo …” A contact at Sony confirmed this telling me, “Again I cannot imagine a situation where you have any SPU reading from the RSX local memory.”

So there we have it. Another rumour debunked, this time courtesy of Joystiq.

Rumor: PS3 hardware “slow and broken”?