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Sony Thanks Microsoft

PS3No it’s not April the 1st!! The man who thanked Microsoft is none other than SCEA President Kaz Hirai in an interview with Mercury News. Here is a breakdown of the interview:

When asked about the reaction to Sony’s pre-E3 press conference Kaz Hirai say’s it was a positive one & “people were generally excited we came out with a lot of news like the launch dates, prices and the quantities we would ship“. Now I watched the press conference & I didn’t think the reaction was a positive one. Yes people were surprised that the price was revealed but the playable content that was displayed wasn’t met with a lot of enthusiasm & the price of the console is still being criticised, unjustly in my opinion, today.

Next he was asked why did Sony reveal the price of the PS3 when it could’ve scared off consumers driving them to purchase a 360, Hirai say’s Sony can’t win & that “If we didn’t say the price, you would be all over us for that. I think that is the right price for what we’re bringing to consumers.” He’s right Sony would’ve been criticised if there was no pricing announcement at E3 & I’ve said it before the price is justified with what you’re getting in the box.

He was then asked why the PS3 has a Blu-ray drive installed & Kaz say’s that the PS3 is here for the long haul & not “on a five-year cycle. Microsoft is coming out with an HD-DVD accessory for HD movies as an add-on only a year after they launched. That is exactly the kind of thing we don’t want to do”. So don’t expect a PS4 in 5 years time then.

Now here is where Kaz thanks Microsoft. He was asked about online games and he replies with “Thank you, Microsoft, for helping us in taking consumers online. The most important thing for us is to make sure online is an integral part of the experience. It’s not a “nice to have” feature”.

Will we ever hear someone from Microsoft thanking Sony?

When asked if the PS3 will have higher cost than the 360 & Wii Kaz once again replies with the PS3 is here for the long haul & adds that “if you look at the lack of Blu-ray on Microsoft, what do you do if the game requires 40 to 50 gigabytes? Put it on three disks?” that situation might not happen for a good few years but the possibility is there & developers can count on every PS3 having a Blu-ray drive, something Microsoft can’t guarantee with it’s HD-DVD add-on.

Kaz Hirai also reiterates Sony’s support of the PS2 saying “at five to 10 years, you see the lasting power of the PS2. If you go out there now, there’s a lot of PS2 software out there. From a consumer’s view, who got the better value?”. Could the PS2 have 4 more years left in it? Considering the Xbox had a lifespan of 3 years & with recent comments from Peter Moore about BC, which company actually cares about its user base?

Finally he was asked about Microsoft’s “Live Anywhere” project & he believes Sony has the advantage with connectivity between the PSP and the PS3 saying “Cell phones are not primarily designed for entertainment. We can make the PSP and the PS3 work together. That’s a step up in entertainment and a new value to offer the consumer”. Time will tell on this one but I own a PSP & I have a feeling that Sony has some good stuff up it’s sleeve to combine the two.

Mercury News – Kaz Hirai Interview