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IGN Talks Heavy Rain for the PS3

IGN has an interview with Quantic Dream’s founder and CEO David Cage, COO and Executive Producer Guillaume de Fondaumière, and Lead Character Designer Thierry Prodhomme & they discuss one of the most impressive demos that appeared at E3, Heavy Rain.

Firstly the demo was created in just 6 months & it wasn’t planned to be shown until after E3 but Sony liked the look of it so convinced Quantic Dream to show it off. It was also running in 720p in real time on PS3 dev kits but they aren’t sure at what the final resolution will be. I’ll be surprised if it’s not 1080p. Just a hunch.

They didn’t reveal any story related info about Heavy Rain except that “it will be a very dark film noir thriller with mature themes”. Please don’t repeat what you did with Fahrenheit & turn the 2nd half of the game into a weird circus act! Wait what’s this I see: “The concept of Heavy Rain is to offer real-life situations with real characters. There are no supernatural elements in the story.” Phew as long as Mr Cage doesn’t do a u-turn I’ll be happy.

All environments will be fully interactive & dialogue could be a part of the gameplay rather than as a non-interactive cut-scene. There will also be no episodic content & it is being developed for the PS3, Xbox 360 & PC but the game won’t be released until Fall 2008. Sheesh that’s a long way away. Looks like we might not see this game in action until E3 2007 at the earliest. It sounds interesting though will it be worth the wait?

IGN – Heavy Rain Interview