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Untold Legends and Next-Gen Games

I watched these newest movies of Untold Legends over at IGN yesterday. The graphics are quite nice, though I expected just a little bit more from a next-gen game. But that’s fine. This is one of the first PS3 games to come out, and I’m sure things will improve.

What I was more disappointed with (and the same thing goes for many other games, like Dead or Alive on the 360) is the fact that there seems to have been no progress made to make character interaction look better. One character hits another, and the other character reacts, sure, but in no way does it look realistic. If I hit someone in the face, I want their head to snap back. If I hit them in the side, I want them to stagger. And I really don’t want to see my weapons or fist actually pass through the enemy character.

Of course, this is where technologies like euphoria come in. But can LucasArts be the only people using this? Why isn’t it a lot more widespread than that? These games are supposed to be next-gen! Let’s see something more than just better graphics!

IGN – Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Preview