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New Ken Kutaragi PS3 Interview

News4Gamers has posted the recent interview with Mr. Ken Kutaragi himself.

For the size of the interview, it doesn’t actually reveal much that’s new. He says that the PS3 is a computer, and that’s not new at all. I see this currently being plastered all over the headlines everywhere, but I don’t know what the big deal is. Sony said the same thing of the PS2. Sure, it is a computer. But it’s also a gaming console. Who cares, except for customs?

Mr. Ken also said that they want to update the PS3 throughout its lifetime. At first you wonder how they can get away with that, because developers won’t like a changing system. But then you realize that he’s just talking about things that don’t matter to developers anyway. Like upgrading the HDD to a larger size (the example given). I can imagine that they might also add support for more wireless networking standards. Or a TV tuner. Stuff life that. So you think “whew” dodge that bullet. But then the interview continues and Mr. Ken does indeed suggest that the PS3’s horsepower could be increased. Which I don’t agree with at all. That would just divide the market, and I hope that Sony won’t do that for at least another 5 years, at which point it could be considered the PS4.

News4Gamers – New Ken Kutaragi Interview