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Basic PS3 Online Service is Free

Henning has already blogged about Ken Kutaragi’s interview with Japanese site PC Impress Watch, but in the 3rd part of the interview Kutaragi-san confirms that basic online services with the PS3 will be free. However un-surprisingly Sony intends to pull in some revenue through downloadable content.

I’ve mentioned before how I’m unwilling to pay for downloadable content as I believe that I’ve already paid enough in buying the game initially.

Unless the game is truly incredible making me keep hold of the game permanently (GTA: San Andreas) then I may change my mind about paying for downloadable content.

However at the moment the amount of games I keep permanently is about 2% of the total games that I buy with the other 98% traded in for credit. What is the point of paying for downloadable content for the games I sell on? I won’t get what I paid for the DC when I trade the game in so I will be losing even more money. The only games worth paying for the extra content are the true classics that I will keep hold of. However what if the extra content turns a good game into a great game? Will the extra content make me want to keep hold of the game permanently? And exactly how much will they charge aswell?

I will have to think long & hard before I do pay for downloadable content but at the moment I’m against paying for it.

What about you guys are you willing to pay for extra content? – Basic Online PS3 Service is Free