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PS2 Outselling Xbox 360 in US

It looks like, over the course of the Xbox 360’s lifetime so far in the USA, that the PS2 has been outselling it almost every month. It’s been a good race, but the PS2’s been outselling the 360 by a substantial margin. On average, the Xbox 360 has been selling about 246,000 units per month since its release. The PS2 has been averaging 473,000 units. If this were The Apprentice, the Xbox 360 would get fired, no matter how good its prospects are.

Does this have anything to do with the PS3 versus 360 battle to come? Personally, I don’t think so. The PS3 will cost $500 or $600, versus the PS2’s $130. Also, the PS2 has a huge library of games while the PS3 will be starting from ground zero. So really, I don’t think that we can take these stats and project them onto the PS3 versus 360 war. So this is not The Apprentice, and the Xbox 360 isn’t fighting the PS2, it’ll be fighting the PS3. So these stats don’t apply.

But what then do these stats say? Two things really. One, the PS2 still has good life in it, and Sony is unlikely to give up on that market anytime soon. Buying a PS2 today is a good investment. Two, for all the bad press Sony has been getting recently, and all the bad-mouthing coming from Microsoft, it still looks like the next-gen console war is wide open. Sales of the Xbox 360 have been good. But it’s still being trounced by a previous-gen system. By the time the PS3 launches, it’ll look like the Microsoft will have 3 million 360’s in play. (Is that right?) Sony and Nintendo each plan to have 2 million of their respective consoles available at launch. So a head start of 3 million (or even 4 million) Xbox 360’s is certainly not a great deterrent to the PS3’s success. That’s not saying that Sony can’t screw up in other ways – they can. One high-ranking European Sony man recently said as much. (I forget who – does anyone have a reference?) So the 360’s marketshare won’t sink the PS3. We’ll have to wait to see how well Sony can paddle, because it’s all up to them.

PlayStation 2 outselling Xbox 360 in US