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“PS3 is Not a Next-gen Games System”

It’s a next-gen DVD player according to European Xbox chief Neil Thompson in an interview with

“I think [Sony] has missed the ball, in that it’s not really a next-generation games player – it’s a next-generation DVD player. For us, that’s great news, because we think we make the next-generation games console. If gamers are desperate to get the next-generation DVD player, then they’ll start considering Blu-Ray and the PS3. But Sony is the company that brought us Betamax, MiniDisc and UMD – I’m not convinced people today will go and bet the farm on buying a Blu-Ray disc.”


How is the PS3 not a next-gen games system? Can someone please explain this comment to me because I’m having great difficulty comprehending what Mr Thompson is saying.

The PS3 plays games doesn’t it? The PS3 is home to some incredible looking games like MGS4, Resistance: Fall of Man, Heavenly Sword, Assassin’s Creed right? And all those games have next-gen visuals that are at least on a par with anything the 360 has to offer right? So how is the PS3 not a next-gen gaming system?

If anything the PS3 is more of a next-gen games console than the 360, what with the ability of using Blu-ray for all games on PS3.

Sony also brought us the Walkman, the PlayStation & excellent TVs, DVD players/recorders etc & that doesn’t mean they will automatically ‘win’, nor will using Betamax, UMD or Mini Disc as reasons why Blu-ray will ‘fail’.

Comments like that only further proves that Microsoft are worried about the PS3 & are trying to damage Sony’s reputation with scare tactics & utter rubbish. – PS3 Not A Next-gen Games System