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Need for Speed Carbon

The July 2006 issue of Official UK PlayStation 2 Magazine has exclusive info about the first Need for Speed game on PS3. Speaking to Scott Nielsen, who is a producer on the project, the following was revealed:

It’s been in development for a year already & could be released November 2006 on PS3, PS2 & PSP.

The name Carbon that is in the title is said to come from Carbon Canyon in Orange County which is believed to be a popular location with real mod racers. Races will take place on some dangerous canyon roads with the risk of plummeting to your doom down a huge drop if you lose control or misjudge a turn, but so can your opponent.

You can choose between three car classes: Muscle, Tuner & Exotic. You will also be able to choose drivers to join you & each driver you choose will have specific talents which you can use both in the main game & outside of racing. One of these skills is the ‘blocker’, which means you can order a driver from your team to box in a rival car during a race.

There will be somewhere between 50-100 cars in NFSC with a few surprise inclusions.

There will be a link up with the PSP version of NFSC although nothing has been revealed as to what this means.

The way you beat ‘boss’ drivers will be changed in NFSC. You will have two parts to complete to beat the ‘boss’ drivers with the first part involving a race down a mountain. If you fall behind too far & plummet of the mountain means instant failure but if you overtake the rival ‘boss’ you instantly win. You also earn points for reaching the bottom of the mountain by completing certain tasks. The 2nd part of the ‘boss race off’ involves the same part of the mountain but you’re leading this time & you need to get to the bottom without losing all the points you gained in the 1st part. If the rival boss gets too close to you your points will drain away.

Expect the ‘boss race off’ to be incorporated into multiplayer modes both online & offline.

I’ve never been a fan of the NFS games just mainly because I’ve preferred Burnout & I’m not a big racing game fan but it looks like NFSC could have a lot more freedom in the driving which is always a good thing in my opinion. I’ll be surprised if it’s a PS3 launch game mainly because I’ve read or seen nothing of the game so far before what I read in OPS2M.