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More Harrison Post-E3 PS3 Talk

PhilI know that E3 is long past, but print magazines are only catching up now, as evidenced by the fact that Next Generation website is giving the scoop on a post-E3 interview with Phil Harrison.

Be that as it may, I’m reporting on it because Mr. Harrison makes an interesting comment. Well, to be precise, he does a side-step. We all remember last year when he said that he wouldn’t confuse the consumer like that when he saw that the Xbox 360 would come in two configurations. When challenged on that, now that we know the PS3 will come in two configurations as well, Mr. Harrison does a little dance. Mr. Harrisons says that this is what he originally said: “OK, what I said, unambiguously, was that we would never give the consumer cause for confusion, and that we would be very clear about our product offering.” And then goes on to claim that having two PS3 versions is not the same as having two Xbox 360 versions. There’ll be an HDD in both. Yeah, okay Phil. But there are other differences Phil. Otherwise you’d have one SKU instead of two. It’s still confusing to the users, even if Sony’s approach is easier on the developers. (They can count on the existence of an HDD.) So Mr. Phil tried to sidestep the question, but really, who’s he kidding?

But in the end, I personally don’t care. I know which one I want. And I’m gonna get it. Incidentally, speaking of getting the PS3, on the weekend I was in a SonyStyle store, and they said that they’d only start taking pre-orders in October. I still have to find a store that’ll take a pre-order (as a backup to my pre-order at Toys ‘R’ Us) and I still haven’t found one here in Ottawa that’s taking pre-orders now.

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