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Phil Harrison Talks talks Online and More has yet another interview with Phil Harrison. This one is a bit old too, coming from between the Game Developer’s Conference and E3. But there was still some interesting tidbits in there. Like how the networking platform will play out. Phil says that the Sony model is more open than Microsoft’s.

On one side, you’ve got Microsoft or AOL, with their “walled garden” approach. And on the other extreme, you’ve got Google or the open Internet, with uncontrolled, unregulated access to all. And where do we sit on that continuum? Well, it’s definitely more the [Google] way than the [Microsoft] way.

This kind of open architecture could attract developers like Blizzard, who have said that they wouldn’t port World of Warcraft to Xbox Live because they couldn’t have control over their own servers.

There was also an interesting conversatioin about user-created content:

the next concentric ring out is user-created content, which might [entail] making tools available where the user can download them.

So imagine whole modding communities springing up around PS3 console games. Wouldn’t that be cool?

The Overlord: Phil Harrison Talks Sony, PS3 and the Future