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PS3 Secret Hardware?

SL33PY sent this little rumour in, and I found it quite interesting. And you may be wondering why you see an image of Minority Report to the right. Wait for it, the reason is coming!

Here it goes: it looks like Sony might be preparing a special weapon for the next-gen console war. It takes the form of an EyeToy like device (or maybe it uses the EyeToy?) to take a look at you and your surroundings, and create a 3D model in its “mind” about everything it sees. Then this information can be used for by a game to allow the gamer some interaction with game elements.

The way our, very reliable, source was reminded of Minority Report has to do with a scene in the movie in which a user manipulates a computer screen using special gloves; only with this tech you do not need the gloves. This reminds us of what Gesture Tek have hinted is possible with XBox 360 but taken one big step further.

It sounds a lot like what EyeToy does already, at first. But you have to remember that this new functionality is 3D, which should open up a whole new realm of ideas and possibilities. Where the EyeToy couldn’t really tell if you moved your arm towards your TV and back, this new device would be able to.


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