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Ninja Theory HDRI Interview

HDRI = High Dynamic Range Lighting

It is a popular, relatively new, technology in 3D graphics rendering that allows even more realistic lighting. It allows greater realism in imagery with lots of light and with low light. It quickly made its way from non-realtime rendering into realtime rendering, and is currently in use by many games developers. One of which is Ninja Theory, the makers of Heavenly Sword for the PlayStation 3. PSINext has an interview with Marco Salvi from Ninja Theory.

I’m not going to actually reiterate the HDRI part of this technical interview, you can just go check it out for yourself. Suffice it to say, that HDRI is cool. They also, however, mention a couple other things. Heavenly Sword for the PS3 is targetting to run at 720p with 4X AA. The E3 demo ran at over 30 FPS, though the final game will probably run at 30, allowing them even more effects.

Here’s some more about the RSX:

PSINext: As previously discussed, beyond it’s high quality one of the primary reasons for the use of NAO32 is that it saves bandwidth in a bandwidth-hungry environment. In the future do you feel RSX will be at a disadvantage to Xenos when it comes to framebuffer effects due to the 128-bit bus and lack of eDRAM?

Marco: Not at all; in fact for many framebuffer effects I believe RSX will have an edge over Xenos. Don’t want to go into details, but let me just point out that RSX is connected to two seperate buses, not just one.

Cool stuff. I wonder how to get interviews like this? I have twice asked Ninja Theory for an interview and still have nada. Ah well, at least someone gets to dig up the goods.

Developer Interview: Ninja Theory’s Marco Salvi Discusses Heavenly Sword’s High Dynamic Range Lighting