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New Poll: Loss of PS3 GTA Exclusivity

If you haven’t heard by now, let me be the first to tell you this news which I personally don’t really care about but that a lot of other people are really interested in because it’s about a game that has sold really really well and lots of people like it but it’s not really my cup of tea but because it’s so popular I’m gonna make a poll about it anyway and I’m sure Gary will have a comment because he seems to care more than I do.

GTA4 will not be a PS3 exclusive.

What an anti-climax, heh? Anyway, the poll question is this: do you think that the PlayStation 3 would sell better if GTA4 were a PS3 exclusive? As always, vote in the poll in the sidebar of

Oh, and before you say it, I’ll say it. This is old news. I know. But the poll is new! 🙂

Previous Poll Results:

Would you mind an external power supply for the PS3?

* Don’t need no stinking external power supply! Where’s the esthetic value of that?: 35% (36)
* No, not at all.: 65% (68)

Total Votes : 104