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Play Ten Studios Interview

Play Ten Studios is currently developing a game for the PS3 and PC called The Wall. This game is due early 2008, and it’s a FPS. PS3Land got a chance to interview the Russian company. They seem to have an axe to grind, because they want to “show the religious fanaticism with it’s terrible bigotry and superstition. Often the fundamentalist zealots are ready to devastate the existing world, just to create an ideal one they imagine in it’s place.” The game takes place after a global cataclysm. Which makes me wonder how they’re going to make that fresh and new, because we’ve heard that theme a thousand times before. Ah well.

The interesting part of the interview comes when asked about the console war between the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Play Ten says:

This is a tricky question. From one side, the differences are obvious. Both platforms have certain strong and weak points. But I’d prefer not to comment on them, to avoid embarking on a next-gen crusade or a holy war between the platforms, or something. Let’s say we chose PS3 after a long research and many hot arguments.

And about the Cell processor they say “It’s hard to explain, kind of driving a Ferrari after pedaling on a bike for a long time!”. Multiplayer is planned for the game, but downloadable content is not. No word on whether or not multiplayer means on-line or what.

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