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How Compatible will the PS3 Be?

Tom Reeves, a VP at IBM semiconductor something-or-other, had an interview with Reed’s Electronic News. He had some interesting things to say about the Cell processor, but in particular he had something to say about Sony and their backwards compatibility work.

Sony is very concerned about quality and backward compatibility. They want to get this right. They tested game after game after game. When there were about 40 PlayStation 1 games that didn’t work properly, that didn’t pass their criteria for quality.

Cool, huh?

When I go my PS2, I didn’t have any PS1 games. I had no desire to get any either, no matter how good their reputations. But now I have a PS2 and when the PS3 comes around, I definitely plan to use it to play my PS2 games. So for me it’s quite encouraging to see comments like these. I want to play PS2 games, and I want to play most of my PS2 games.

Electronic News – Turn Down the Heat… Please

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