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Need for Speed Carbon Videos

IGN has a preview of Need for Speed Carbon, and it’s quite extensive. It discusses the new canyon race mode. In this mode, two cars race down the canyon. For the first half, one car has to stay as close as possible to the one ahead. For the second half, the car has to stay ahead of the other car. If during the first half it falls too far behind, it’s and automatic loss. If it passes the lead car and stays there for 10 seconds, it’s an automatic win.

It sounds interesting, but I find it a little worrying that there’s so little room for error. The canyon road is skinny, without much room for error. But you never know – it might be good. One of the strange things, though, is that EA hasn’t confirmed whether or not the game is multiplayer. I would think that racing down a canyon against a friend would be a lot more fun than racing against a computer. And of course, I’d love to hear that this game supports four players – not just two! (Of course that wouldn’t apply to the canyon mode, but it could apply to the other modes.)

Anyway, IGN also has a few videos of Need for Speed Carbon in action. They’re all on the rather short side, but they’re intriguing nonetheless.

IGN – Need for Speed Carbon Preview