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PlayStation 3 Q&A

There’s been a Q&A about the PS3 making the rounds recently, and in case you haven’t seen it there’s a link below. Thanks Segitz for getting me off my butt to write about this! The report doesn’t have much that’s new, but there is a little there to chew on.

Q21. There were 2 HDMI ports in your original announcement, but why does the 60GB PS3 have only 1 HDMI port ?

A21. Because standardization of image output over the network such as DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is currently under way, it will become possible to transfer images to multiple displays in ways other than using the HDMI port. It is also possible to connect PSP through the network as a secondary display and enjoy PS3 content remotely (although it depends on the software).

It was always assumed that the PS3 could stream content from other devices on your network. (I hope that’s not an invalid assumption!) But this answer shows that you’ll be able to do the reverse as well. Not exactly new, but it’s something that hasn’t been touted a lot.

Q29. Will Linux OS be adopted as you have planned ?

A29. Yes. PS3 is a computer system and Linux OS is adopted as one of the standard OSes.

Of course Linux will be standard. As far as the “one of the standard OSes” part goes, I’m assuming that means that Linux will ship alongside XMB.

And the last interesting thing was a mention about the noise. They plan the PS3 to put out the same noise as a slim-line PS2, (about 29dB), which is really nice. I don’t like loud appliances!

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